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Healing Blend Soap- Overcome Heartbreak Find Happiness Remove Anger & More


We are pleased to offer one of our newest soap blends.

This blend was created by members of our coven and has been magickally enhanced to promote emotional and spiritual healing.

We have created this blend to wash away negative emotions and energies! It is ideal for those who have feelings of sadness, doubt, fear, or apprehension! It even can cleanse you of unwanted emotions of envy, anger, and regret! It is ideal to use in the morning to begin your day on a positive note, or even at the end of the day to help you unwind and free you from the day's tension. This blend in particular is helpful in overcoming heartbreak.

This blend can ease tension, calm you, and provide a boost of energy on low days.

Please note that this soap does not take the place of medication or a doctor.

This soap is scented with honey and vanilla. It is created using goat milk, oils, and is spelled by my coven to bring max results. It is ideal for most skin types and will leave you skin feeling soft and supple!

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