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New! Altar Incense - Purifies & Balances Altar Energies


Today we offer our newest incense blend. Today we offer our unique Altar Incense!

This incense is ideal for any practitioner who uses an altar. Burning this incense on your altar purifies the energy and purges it of any negativity.

This is ideal to use before you sit at your altar for casting, connecting with deities, or meditation. It balances the energy of the altar allowing for complete and perfect altar work!

The energy released by burning each cone will attract positive vibrations and energies. Any negativity surrounding your altar will be dispelled and replaces with peace & positivity!

You can use this blend before you perform work at your altar or simply use it for maintenance of the altar.

You will receive 13 incense cones. They range in color from a light to dark brown.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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