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Power Be Mine Soap - Spelled Soap Blend to Ignite Confidence Bring Power & Be Respected!


Offered to you today is one of our newest blends of spelled soaps!

Today you are offered a blend to increase your confidence, charisma, and power! This is a blend to use if you want to be viewed as self-assured, powerful and respected!

We use a blend of natural herbs and oils that bring out the power of your energy. It is ideal for use whenever you need an extra boost of confidence and power. With consistent use of this blend, you will soon find that people respect you, look to you, follow you and even admire you!

This blend weighs about four ounces. The fragrance is fresh enough for either men or women. It is created with a blend with goat milk, oils, herbs and rituals. It is gentle enough for most skin types and will leave you skin feeling soft and supple!

Please let me know if you have any questions

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