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BluJay's Haunted Magick

Herbs & Their Many Magickal Uses

Herbs are one of the cornerstones of the craft. They are used in almost every spell and can be used in every day life to bring a little magick to your home! Here we have given some small details about our favorite types of herbs. This list is not all-encompassing and each herb listed can have any number of uses. They can be effective if sprinkled, crushed, bathed in, burned, woven into amulet-the possibilities are endless! Please note that some of the herbs can be dangerous if eaten. Please only ingest herbs under the direction of a medical doctor to avoid needless injury. 


Aloe Vera- Best for feminine magick and most effective when used in accordance to the lunar cycle

Rosemary- Best used for beauty magick as an essential oil.

Catnip- Most effective for feminine beauty magick

Chamomile- General beauty magick

Oak- Promotes youthfulness

Rose- General beauty magick

Witch hazel- Use in face masks and beauty potions

Sexual Magick

Allspice- Best used for masculine sexual magick

Caraway- Attracts male lovers and boosts libidos

Catnip- General use for sexual magick

Cinnamon- General use for sexual magick

Dill- Taking bath with dill added to the mixture increases your attractiveness and promotes a sexual allure

Foxglove- Best used in feminine sexual magick

Mistletoe- Used to attract lovers and ignite passion

Vanilla- Sprinkle vanilla in your bathwater, on your lover’s side of the bed, or even dab some behind your heck to increase lust and passion


Basil- Mix with other herbs for love to increase their power

Caraway- Heightens passion

Cinnamon- Excellent in spells used to attract men but can be a general use love spell ingredient. Especially prominent when use with basil

Dill- Attract women or feminine men

Ivy- Bless a new relationship. Add ivy to love spell to increase power

Jasmine- Attract new lovers

Juniper- Attract romantic, spiritual, platonic and physical love

Lavender- General use in love spells

Marigold- Attract new love of any type and strengthen bonds with current loves

Peppermint- Use in general love spells

Rose- Carry rose petals to attract love, burn rose incense to cast general love spell, bathe in rose water to attract potential lover

Violet- Bless a new relationship or use in general love spell


Acacia- Use in wishing rituals

Bay Leaf- All-purpose herb use in any spell to achieve goal

Dandelion Root- Use in general wish spell. Place in northern part of the home for good luck

Garlic- Add to any spell to strengthen its effect

Hazel- Draw a circle of sea salt around you and weave a crown made of woven hazel branches and leaves. Place it on your head and meditate on your desire. Repeat this for three nights in a row on the day before the full moon, on the full moon, and the day after the full moon

Rosemary- Use in a bath before setting out to achieve a goal. Light a fire with burning rosemary and basil, write your wish on a piece of paper, fold the paper three times, and burn the paper in the fire to see your wish granted

Revenge Magick

Agrimony- Reverses black magick cast against you

Barberry- Sprinkle around enemy’s home to promote unhappiness and bitterness

Leaf of Blackberry- Crush blackberry leaves with a hammer. Burn the remains while thinking of your enemy

Patchouli- Spread patchouli in the path of your enemy to cause bad luck

Slippery Elm- Can be used in any justice spell. Very affective when placed in a paper bag containing a picture of the target and bound with a red cord.


Garlic- Use in general cleansing rituals to drive out negative energies

Bay leaf- Purifies an area when burned

Dragon’s Blood- Use in general cleansing rituals. Excellent for blocking unbounds

Elder- Use in general cleansing rituals

Frankincense- Purifies an area when burned

Lavender- Use in a bath to cleanse your spiritual bodies

Myrrh- Purifies an area when burned

Sandalwood- Excellent for cleansing and blocking unbounds

Sage- Burn to cleanse an area

Thyme- Use in baths for cleansing purposes

Creativity & Inspiration

Alder- Carry alder when you find you may need inspiration

Blue Violet- Use in general spells of creativity

Carnation- Enhances the creative process

Laurel- Helps bring inspirations in all areas of life, especially in writing

Willow- Burn for inspiration


Acacia- Attracts friendship

Catnip- Promotes happiness

Cloves- Burn to remove negative forces and promote a flow of happiness

Gardenia- Attracts friendship and relieves social pressure

Garlic- Wards away negative energy, strengthens bonds

Rosemary- Place around the home to promote happiness

Power & Strength

Black Pepper- Brings courage, burn black pepper before a major event

Dragon’s Blood- Use powder or incense in energy and power rituals

Garlic- Removes blocks that cause weakness

Ash- Strengthens the spirit

Thyme- Use for strength and courage

Ginger- Use for a specific situation when strength and power are needed

St. John’s Wort- Strengthens courage


Allspice- Use in baths to promote healing. Use in rituals to add healing properties to any spell.

Chamomile- Use in general healing rituals. Drink in tea, use in baths, infuse with milk for a healing skin rinse

Aloe Vera- Used for healing lotions, creams, baths and potions

Carnation- Use in general healing rituals

Sage- Wear when dealing with difficult situations, burn to clear harmful energies surrounding you

Sandalwood- Burn incense while meditating to promote healing

Peppermint- Use in baths to promote healing, spray peppermint oil around home to prevent emotional damage, wear peppermint oil during difficult times

Spearmint- Use in baths, carry with you during difficult times, place in pillow to avoid insomnia

Willow- Wear a willow charm during stressful times

Thyme – Use in baths to promote healing

Prosperity & Success

Alfalfa- Use in spells to remove debt

Allspice- Burn to promote prosperity

Aloe- Wear as a charm to attract success and hang in the doorways of the home

Clover- Carry a four-leaf clover for luck & money

Orange- Wear orange oil to attract prosperity, sprinkle orange peel grinds around place of business

Juniper- Plant junipers near place of business (potted plants work as well), use oil in success rituals

Pine- Use in general prosperity spells

Rosemary- Mix in with spells to increase their prosperity-bringing powers, hang around the home for business inspiration

Basil- Use in money spells


Rosemary- Use rosemary essential oil to speed up thinking and sharpen wit

Caraway- Carry seeds to improve memory

Clover- Keep clover on your desk to improve mental clarity

Periwinkle- Improves memory

Fern- Burn before you will need mental stamina, keep a fern plant to improve concentration

Melilot- Drink tea to improve memory


Bay Laurel- Hang in the doorway of home for protection

Dill- Ideal for young children, wards away negative energy

Dragon’s Blood- Banishes unbounds, wards away negative energy

Sandalwood- Protects against negative energy

Sage- Banishes negativity of all kinds when burned

Hawthorn- Good in protection rituals

Hazel- Keep hazel near you for protection during rituals

Ivy- Hang in doorways to protect the home, prevents unwelcomed guests, removes negative energy

Mugwort- Bring with you on travels, carry some in your car

Myrrh- Protects children and objects

Black pepper- Protect against negative spell work

St. John’s Wort- Use in protection rituals

Yarrow- Wear in amulet to protect against negativity

Sleep & Dreams

Anise- Keep by bedside to promote a good night sleep

Lavender- Use in baths before sleep for restful slumber, spray lavender-infused water on pillow to promote a restful sleep

Ash- Burn during meditation before bed

Cedar- Hang amber amulet above bed for protection against nightmares

Caraway- Use to promote lucid dreaming and to remember dreams

Herbs for Psychic Endeavors

Anise- Sprinkle oil on pillow to promote psychic dreams

Bay Laurel- Burn dried leaves for psychic dreams, smell oil daily to help open psychic senses

Catnip- Use in psychic rituals

Cinnamon- Combine with other herbs to open psychic senses

Honeysuckle- Smell fresh flowers for psychic enhancement

Lavender- Use in rituals to see spirits

Marigold- Marigold tea promotes psychic clarity

Nutmeg- Promotes psychic dreams

Thyme- Use in bath before meditation

Lemongrass- Removes psychic blocks

Yarrow- Use in divination rituals

Misc. Herb Uses

Angelica- Strengthens willpower

Dragon’s Blood- Use to strength spell work

Elder- Use to make magickal tools

Mint- Clears the mind

Sandalwood- Enhances spirituality

Peppermint- Brings about positive change

Thyme- Bathe before practicing magick to center your energy

Vervain- Helps spirits manifest