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BluJay's Haunted Magick


Here I have created a simple to guide to palm reading (palmistry, Chiromancy).

To get an accurate reading, I recommend using your dominant for the reading.

In this guide I will go over the important aspects of the palm that must be taken into consideration: texture, flexibility, nail shape, finger shape/length, mounts, and lines.


Be sure to feel both the back and the front of the palm; decide whether it is soft, course, harsh, and if the hand has calluses. Also make note if the hand you are reading is damp or dry.

Soft hand- Soft hands indicate sensitivity and refinement.

Coarse Hands- May mean that the individual has a harsh nature and can be short tempered.

Callused Hands often indicate that the person is a hard worker.

Dry skin can symbolize that the person is concerned with intellectual matters.

If the hand is damp, this could be a sign that the person is lazy.


The flexibility of a hand can be an indicator of how flexible of a nature a person has. For instance, if someone has an extremely stiff hand that may mean that the person has a rigid personality and is set in his/her ways. An easily bendable hand can symbolize that the person is not strong-willed.

Nail Shape

Long: Creative, secretive, kind nature.

Long & Thin: Irritable, health-conscious, psychic.

Long & Big: Shy, thoughtful.

Oval: Gentle, sweet, considerate, kind.

Rectangular: Logical, clear-thinking, practical.

Short: Sarcastic and quick-witted.

Extremely Short: Lacking in Self-Control, random, quirky.

Short & Big: Depressed,emotional, unstable emotions.

Short & Round: Critical, practical.

Hand Shape

Earth Hand: Characterized by broadness, square palms and fingers, thick or coarse skin, and may be a dark color. People with an "earth" hand may have the following qualities::






Air Hand:
The shape of an "air" hand is square or rectangular. The knuckles may be protruding and the skin will be dray. People with this hand shape are often:






Water Hand:
Long, oval-shaped palm. Some traits associated with "water hands" are:





Fire Hand:
The hand is small, and rectangular or square in shape. The skin will be a reddish or pinkish color. Characteristics include:






Finger Shape and Length (Relative to Palm size)

Longer than Palm: This person is polite and takes the future into consideration.

Shorter than Palm: These people will be confident and good leaders. They also have a high sexual drive.

Same Length as Palm: This is a multi-talented person who enjoys learning.

Cone-Shaped: These people have great wisdom and are good friends and are supportive.

Pointed: People with pointed fingers are characterized by expensive tastes and disorganized thoughts.

Spatulated: Intellectual people who are very witty and can often be workaholics.

Squared: These are hard working people who are down to earth.


Mount of Jupiter: Located at the base of index finger. Denotes dominance, leadership, ambition, and religious paths.

Mount of Saturn: Found at the base of middle finger. Symbolizes wisdom, responsibility, and quick-wittedness.

Mount of Apollo: Located at base of the ring finger. Indicates creativity, happiness, musical talents, and artistic tendencies.

Mount of Mercury: Found at base of pinkie. Denotes communication, wealth, business, and travel.

Mount of Venus: Located at base of thumb. Denotes love, passion, sensuality and pleasure.

Mount of Moon: Can be found on edge of hand below the mount of mercury. This can indicate selfish tendencies.

Plain of Mars: Located in middle of palm. Shows courage, bravery, and aggression.


Here are the five main lines of the palm:

Heart Line::Just below the fingers, This line signifies all aspects having to do with love.

Head Line:Right below the heart line. This line shows intellectual properties, including intelligence and mental illness.

Life Line:Below,(occasionally connected to), the head line. Shows everything to do with destiny and indicates major events.

Fate Line: Starts below the mount of Saturn and ends near the life line. Foretells the future.

Sun Line:

Present below mount of Mercury. Signifies marriage and wealth.